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About Horizon Sports and Spine

    Almost everyone has experienced a sprained ankle, a painful knee, a neck ache,a backache, a sore muscle, or a sore joint. Perhaps you have had an orthopedic surgery or a related problem. These problems can make day to day function and simple living activities such as: sitting, walking, or even changing positions very painful or difficult. It is wise to take advantage of all the possible care and treatments available to improve your living ability and get you back to the quality of life you deserve. At Horizon Balance, we go above and beyond the standard of care to insure your progress toward the improvement of your condition. 

    We offer all orthopedic rehabilitation services including: ankles, hips, knees, shoulders and sports and spine therapy. At Horizon we offer land and aquatic therapy. Each patient is assessed for individual needs and is given a specialized rehab program that will be suitable for their goals.

Some benefits of land therapy are:  long exercise track for sport specific therapy, resistance bungee cords, plyometric gear, speed and strength training programs and equipment, and many other options.

Some benefits of aquatic therapy are: warm therapeutic pool that stays at 95 degrees, built-in underwater treadmill allows for faster return to mobility, water weights, stairs and bars for rebuilding muscle and stability, jets and an infinity current.  Warm pool exercises help regain movement, strength, and health without causing unwanted pain to the knees, hips and back. The hydrotherapy that is offered at Horizon has revolutionized rehabilitation for a variety of injuries and conditions. 


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